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Sep 18, 2010 11:00am EDT
, from the cnn center in atlanta georgia, this is cnn saturday morning for this september the 18th. i'm t.j. holms. glad you are right here and bermuda is bracing right now for that big sucker you see in the middle of your screen. that is hurricane igor. we will have a live report from bermuda. >>> pope benedict apologizing in great britain for the church sex abuse schedule. >>> we are also live in london for you this morning. >>> give you a look at some o of the other stories making headlines. alaska's senator, lisa murkowski, said she will start a write-in campaign, still trying to hold on to the scene. we will have more on this and an analysis on her likelyhood to succeed. >>> the polls now closed in afghanistan. 2500 candidates competing for 249 parliamentary seats in the country's fourth national election since 2004. taliban militants called for a boycott of the election and in the first hours of voting, there were reports of scattered roadside bombing, rocket attacks, including one right outside nato headquarters in kabul. nobody there. we will have a live report from afghanistan as w
Sep 11, 2010 11:00am EDT
septemr 11th. it's also interesting, finally, t.j., to talk to some of the people walking around here. i was just speaking with a couple who are here from new mexico on vacation. they watched the ceremony and are walking the streets here. one gentlemen was telling me he was an air traffic controller on duty that day in new mexico and helped to direct traffic down to the ground. his wife worked at ato school across from the control tower. her school was closed. she said her daughter joined the army after that happened. she started to cry. tears were streaming down her face. a lot of emo tion and compassio anpeople drawing strength from each other this day. candiotti. we appreciate you as always. t, with are going to turn to ths pentagon now. the president, he was there this morning attending a 9/11 service at the pentagon where 184 people died in this attack. the ceremony was open only to family members of the victims. the president, as you se in the picture there, laid a breath at the 9/11 memorial and reflected on the importance of this day. >> for a nation, a day ofnd remembrance and r
Sep 7, 2010 11:00pm EDT
to open the season monddy night and continue to add latest weapon, t.j. houshmanddadeh, be tonight he i3 including fellow vets masonnand bolden. in an accomplished and packed recciving core. ú%d he said he is here for only one reason. to win a superbowl. >> only 5 or 6 teams every year that have a legitimate shottto win the superbowl. and hat's just what people think. but you still have to go do it. this is one of the teams, even if i was not here, had a ssot. and so foo me to come here and them to accept me and want me on the team. you know, i am going to try to do y part. that's it. >> you can hear everytting t.j. houshmandzadeh said today, go to news. >>>now nto the quustiin of the %-is t.j. houshmandzadeh the fil piece of a supprbowl winningg3 ravens team? ú% percent say yes. 38 percent say no. lavar writes on facebook. this will be n explosive season for the ravens. but john writes, can he play cornerback? more division. a quran burning event on september 11th. how it could put american lives attrisk. >> ever wonder why your boyfriend cannot remember when
Sep 18, 2010 6:00am EDT
, arkansas. wherever you are, i'm t.j. holmes. also coming up in the next 90 minutes of this "cnn saturday morning," a florida dad was coming to the defense of his disabled daughter, but as it turns out, his daughter actually wasn't the victim. also, how would you like eva longoria or kim kardashian to follow you on twitter or justin bieber or lenny kra vits tweet about you. i'll tell you about about an auction that's going on right now that could get you a celebrity tweet. they're raising money for haiti. that's the video we're showing you. also, they have websites out there for black, for white, for jewish, for hispanic, but what about for the unattractive. the look behind the scenes of we'll explain that in a bit. >>> but can you spell murkowski? alaska's senator, lisa murkowski, hoping her supporters can, and she launches now a write-in campaign to try to keep her job. she lost the republican primary to a tea party-backed candidate. joe miller is the name. sarah palin backed joe miller. a tea party spokesperson said the people of alaska have already fired lisa, but li
Sep 19, 2010 6:00am EDT
she gets back. of course, we're all looking forward to hearing that. you know, t.j., you can certainly be sure this will be a day of mixed emotions for sarah shourd. of course, she will be thrilled to be setting foot on u.s. soil for the first time in more than 13 months, but after all, she is leaving behind her two friends, including her fiance, shane bauer, to whom she became engaged while she was in prison in iran, as well as her other friend josh fattal. of course, they were released from iran and arrived in oman earlier this week. on tuesday she was met which her mom and her uncle at the time. and this followed secret negotiations that took place. our senior correspondent nic robertson has learned they began about eight months ago, and at first, he said, he learned from omani ministers that there was some confusion on the white house end of things because they weren't clear and they were moving on several different tracks about how to try to release her. but then we have learned that president barack obama got directly involved, and that got things moving. there also was a direct
Sep 8, 2010 6:00pm EDT
themselves in these days but after losing a job with the seattle seahawks t. j. houshmandzadeh took him one day to find his new employment with the baltimore ravens. now he's getting to know his team and gearing up for game day. lamont williams has more. >> reporter: as t. j. houshmandzadeh was introduced to the media. one couldn't help but notice the ever present smile on his face. as a cincinnati bengals he went from a 7th round draft pick to a starter alongside chad ochocinco. they became one of the most dangerous duos in the game. he left the bengals going to seattle before they released him this past weekend for t. j. there was no reason to smile. one man's trash is another man's treasure. the ravens find him monday. >> it's refreshing, man, to go from a situation i was in and to come here. it's refreshing. >> reporter: t. j. admits his first day in a ravens uniform was weird in a good way. >> i tried my helmet on and it was a little weird. i'm not a person that really likes change. i'm starting to realize that about myself, but sometimes change is better. >> reporter: houshmandz
Sep 29, 2010 11:00am EDT
you. log on to our website and share your comments. sure appreciate it. tony is off. t.j. is in. he's going to take it from here. >>> kyra, thank you so much. hello to everybody. i'm t.j. holmes in for my good friend tony harris. let me tell what you we have coming up. we're going up front today. what we're putting up front today, your job, health and lifestyle. we have new information from the census bureau that shows how the economy is affecting your state. we'll break it down and break down this map for you coming up. also, a live picture here of demoin, iowa. the president there on his campaign style tour that is taking him through four states. he'll be talking to a family in the backyard. also talking to other people who have questions. you want to keep an eye on this much he's talking about the economy. but you never know what's going to happen in the q&a session. we're dipping into that for you coming up. also, we're putting what you and your kids eat on the table, our series, eatocracy examines healthy food choices. >>> also, you can tell kids all day long about what they ne
Sep 4, 2010 6:00am EDT
.m. in fi yetvilayettevil arkansas. this is "cnn saturday morning." i'm t.j. holmes. a baby born weeks ahead of scheduled and doctors declared the baby dead. but, the mother treated the baby in a way that doctors couldn't and now that baby is doing just fine some five months later. >>> plus, something had a lot of people scratching their heads, something you do not see every day, gang members holding their onus conference, criticizing the police. are the gang members now the victims? >>> also, prostitution, a big problem in one european country. well, they couldn't clean up the problem so they decided to cover up the problem. two words for you here, sex boxes. >>> we will begin with the weather. what used to be hurricane earl, still earl but a tropical storm, still dangerous however. we're going to go live to our reporters out there covering this. allan chernoff on long island for us. they did have to brave hurricane conditions overnight. susan candiotti as well on cape c cod. but first, where is earl now? reynolds, where is earl going? >> right now it is moving deeper into the atlantic. the
Sep 30, 2010 11:00am EDT
tomorrow. t.j. holmes in for tony harris today? >> hey there, thank you so much. they serve a lot of liquor i think at the u.s. open. all right. kyra, we'll talk to you again soon. we are starting anew this center live at the world headquarters in atlanta, georgia. let me tell you what we have on the rundown on thursday september, 30th. we have to start this with story out of rutgers, a freshman at the school apparently jumps to his death after a gay encounter is secretly streamed live on the internet and two classmates are now facing charges. >> i read it on-line i was like -- i was shocked. >> also, coming up, food made in a laboratory. scientists want this piggy to go to the market, but maybe then he could go straight to your dinner plate. >> what i can tell the american public no food from a genetically engineered animal will go on the market unless the fda has demonstrated -- >> and we've got a new planet to tell you about. a planet where possibly they're doing a newscast right now as well. earth-like planet they found in the so-called goldilocks zone, it's just right, maybe for life.
Sep 18, 2010 10:00am EDT
in atlanta, georgia. 9:00 a.m. in fayetteville arkansas. good morning. i'm t.j. holms. thank you for being here. >>> pope benedict is in london. he has a lot going on today, including taking care of the faithful. some 80,000, that's a live picture you are seeing, they are expecting some 80,000 to show up to hyde park trying to make their way to see the pope. he will be having a prayer vigil. he is not expected for another couple of hours. they are already making their way there. we will take you to london. >>> a texas high school star quarterback and a straight "a" student has died. reggie garrett is his name. he was running to the sidelines and collapsed after throwing his second touchdown pass last night. this happened in a small town in texas, one of those places where everybody knows everybody and everybody knew reggie. we'll tell you more about this young man. >>> also, we are going to hear possibly from sarah shourd. her two hiking companions still remain in custody in iran. >>> let's turn to the big political we saw last night. lisa murkowski is hoping to pull off what some are call
Sep 4, 2010 8:00am EDT
, arkansas. from the cnn center, this is "cnn saturday morning" for this september 4th. i'm t.j. holmes. coming your way, we've seen protests over mosques. we see another protest now but this one is a dangerous protest or proposed mosque. and not the one near ground zero. this one is in tennessee, a reward being offered. investigators ciasay a suspicio fire at the site was, in fact, arson. >>> also, new jobs numbers came out. just saw those yesterday. employment is, in fact, up. not all bad news here though. we will hear the president's reaction to the much anticipated economic report. >>> also, science fiction taking the spotlight. we're going to be visiting with the star of the hit show "rur reek eureka" on the sci-fi channel. he will be in studio with us talking about dragon con. >>> but, let's start with earl. can't call him a hurricane anymore. it's still a severe weather threat, tropical storm, racing up the new england coast. brushed the eastern seaboard yesterday. susan candiotti live for news cape cod. allan chernoff is in new york for us, long eisland in particular. we need to
Sep 15, 2010 1:00pm EDT
forward by giving back. >>> the rock star is in the house. "cnn newsroom" continues with t.j. holmes in for ali velshi. >> i don't know that i keep up the energy you have in this room, ton. but, thank you so much. i am not deserving of the title rock star. in for ali velshi today. what's on the rundown now. a 12-year-old girl calls home two weeks after lured away by a child sex trafficker and our cameras are there when the call comes in. we'll show you what happened. >>> also, super heroes born in the divisive years after 9/11, their common enemy, islam ma phobia. where no comic book has gone before. >>> think you don't have music the talent? never played a note before? you'll show you something that will turn you into a musician. but does it really work? a live test happening. you'll see it. it's going on right now. our chad myers checking it out. we'll see if he turns into a piano player here shortly. >>> of course, a story we are keeping our eye on, big story today, the voters have spoken. the primary, pretty much done, except for one out in hawaii. for the most part they've wrapp
Sep 18, 2010 8:00am EDT
saturday morning 8:00 a.m. here in atlanta, 7:00 a.m. in fayetteville, arkansas. glad you're here. i'm t.j. holmes. let me give you a look at other stories making headlines this morning. bp plans to permanently seal its well today. you've been hearing a lot about this story, a lot about this well, a lot about this spill. but today is the day when we could finally see this thing over and done with and dead. they are pumping cement into the bottom portion of the well. this the same well that started spewing in april after the explosion aboard that rig. some 5 million barrels have gushed into the gulf. but today a big day that we could finally see this thing killed. >>> also, secretary of state hillary clinton has phoned the sultan of oman thanking him for his help in the rescue of sarah shourd. we're expecting to see a press conference from sarah when she returns to new york tomorrow. the press conference, at least, is tomorrow. not sure when she will land in the united states. she'll be giving details of her captivity. the family has paid $500,000 in bail for her release. clinton calls for
Sep 11, 2010 8:00am EDT
to you all. i'm t.j. holmesth coming to you this morning from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia. it's 8:00 a.m. where i sit heree this morning. we have ceremonies going to be taking place starting in about 40 minutes new york. we will take you back to ground zero. first, an update on a story that has captured this country's and the world's attention over the past several days, the issue o the proposed koran burning in florida. a pastor there, terry jones, you know his name by now, i just want to give you this update that, in fact, he has minutes ago coming out and saying in a live interview on nbc that there will be no koran burning. he didn't just say it has been suspended, he said it has been canceled. he said he won't do it now. he won't do itever. he said it will not happen. so that story about the proposed koran burning has now been done away with in some respect, if you will, if you believe what he's saying, and he says he will not be burning a koran. more details on that coming in a bit. juted to get that bit of news out of the way here. >>> let's move back to what we should be
Sep 17, 2010 11:00pm PDT
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Sep 24, 2010 11:00pm PDT
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Sep 6, 2010 5:00pm EDT
. they claim opposition to the project is founded in anti- muslim pyatt. true or not, t.j. winnik tells that the twin towers still cast a long shadow. >> reporter: as america counts down to the ninth anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks tensions at home and aproduce are being ratcheted up. most of the rhetoric centers on the planned islamic center and mosque 23 blocks from ground zero. >> when they built a mosque and teach what i said 14-year-old from hell, i decided someone should. >> reporter: he has been speaking out against islamic center and a christensenter he plans to build. other events are a protest at ground zero and a ceremony at another church in florida. they have 8,000 fans and growing. >> we're going to have an international burn a coronde. >> just yesterday on staten island another protest opposing islamic center. >> how could you want to build a mosque and dance on the graves of the children lost on 9/11 while we're still crying on their graves. >> reporter: mosques around the country are beefing up security and muslim groups are now running these ads sho
Sep 3, 2010 9:00am EDT
as well. of course, the news continues. don't go anywhere. we have our t.j. holmes, very talented t.j., who will be taking over for us now. i got that in because i can hear you today. >> oh. that's great. improvement over yesterday. apparently the audio people were -- tack off on their vacation early. ali, looking forward to having you back here in atlanta. you enjoy your weekend. >> have a good one. >> hello to you all. i'm t.j. holmes sitting in for krya phillips. we are talking about earl. this thing is still a massive storm. not as massive yesterday. it smacked the outer banks of north carolina now. cape cod could now be the next target. we have team coverage for you right here. let you know what this storm could possibly do to your holiday weekend as well. also, scary moment in miami. the airport had to be shut down for a bit. parts of it at least because of a pipe bomb scare. shut the airport down. we just got the new numbers. jobless rate went up when the month of august. there's still more to dissect in the new jobs numbers and will certainly do that for you right here. let's
Sep 19, 2010 8:00am EDT
they were planning a mass suicide and most of the missing are children. >>> good morning to you all. i'm t.j. holmes, from the cnn center. this is your cnn sunday morning, 8:00 a.m. here in atlanta, 3:00 p.m. in baghdad, where we do have breaking news we want to get right to. arwa damon is live there for us. arwa, hello once again. we have a pair of blasts that have killed at least 29 people there. tell us what happened. >> reporter: that's right, t.j. one of those explosions happened when a mini bus detonated in front of a cell phone shop. the other explosion taking place at a fairly busy intersection. them happening within a few minutes of one another, at around 10:15 in the morning. now, sunday in iraq is the first day of the workweek, and while not full-on rush hour at that time, the streets still fairly busy. we also had a few other incidents that are worth mentioning. a sticky bomb, or, rather, a magnetic bomb was placed underneath the vehicle of a mini bus driver and his son, killing both of them. another magnetic bomb overnight placed underneath the vehicle of a member of the ministr
Sep 12, 2010 6:00am EDT
'm t.j. holmes. want to welcome as always our troops watching on the armed forces network in iraq, afghanistan and around the world. thank you for what you do and thank you for being here.t leme tell you what else is coming up over the next 90 minutes of this "cnn sunday morning." a prison break in mexico, but not just any prison break. 85 inmates get out. this happened in the border city reynosa. 85 inmates climb ovewar the wal, many believed to be drug cartel members or hit men for drug gangs. >>> also, it iseth s smallest asian nation and they have some financial problems of their own, but th were still able to come together to try to help the flood victims in pakistan. we'll tell you whathe maldives have done now. >>> also, i want you to look at that picture on the right. can we take that up full and let our viewers get a look at that. you're driving down the street, and you're coming up on this, that would probably cause you to throw on your brakes or swerve because you think you're about to hit a kid in the street. but actually it's an illusion. a 3d illusion that is trying
Sep 7, 2010 10:00pm EDT
cunningham joins us with the latest. and his name is too familiar to ravens' fans. bruce? >> his name is t.j. houshmandzadeh, and if you don't know that name, then you have not been paying attention on the last several yyars. as a member of the (inaudible). >> impressive. tonight he is preparing to put on the purple. after being released by seattle, he signnd with the ravens. anddantwan 21 bolden in an accomplished packed receiving core. win a superbowl. >> it is only 5 or 6 teams every year that have a legitimate shot. to win the superbowl. and that's just what people think. but you still lhave to do it. this is one of tte teams, even if i was not here, had a shot. so for me to come here and them to accept me and want me on the team. you know, i am going to try to do my pprt. that's it. >> the ravens opener, of course, is monday night. here everything t.j. houshmandzadeh said today, go to neew. we will have more on ttj. houshmandzaddh, and the orioles look to make it five in a row, coming up at 10:50 on "sports unlimited". >> all right bruce. the question of the day. is
Sep 7, 2010 6:00am EDT
wide receiver to the baltimore ravens. t.j. houshmandzadeh has signed to a one-year deal days after being let go from the seattle seahawks. remember, you can watch the ravens first regular season game. the ravens and the jets live on wjz 13. football season, as we know, is here. sign up for wjz's pro football challenge. log on to match up against our team of 10 experts. you could even win a prize. go to the home page to sign up. >> i had a great time on the marty bass facebook page. i said this will be worth seven points. some of the comments were great. a friend put tj receiver. rose said doesn't matter. it will be shortened. >> you know what i like? when our producer puts it in phonetically this helps but this breaks it up. you almost don't know where the emphasis is. >> a name easier to read. t.j. houshmandzadeh ate lunch with us. we've got antwan, now t.j. houshmandzadeh. let's not forget mason. how about that? stall worth plus flacco. we are deep on offense. that tight end. how about that. let's take a look at the forecast. it's all good. arguably, he did not have a gr
Sep 2, 2010 9:00am EDT
-- it went on and ended up being a 16-10 game. marlins beating the nationals. if that doesn't get t.j.'s adrenaline going -- >> who got in trouble? there. >> there's trouble. >> that's an excellent point. excellent, excellent point. nobody is going to get in trouble. nobody. you can't hear me? ali can't hear me. >> we can't hear you. >> i should say bad things because they can't hear me. i hope you can hear me. i'm t.j. holmes in for krya phillips. we are going to be not talking about base-brawls. we have a big night on our hands with the storm. hurricane earl is on the way. it could make it to the coast, close to the coast at least today. at some point tonight we are keeping a close eye on. our reynolds wolf is here tracking it. we are talking about man -- a strange scene that played out yesterday. explosives, a gun, grunge, directed at the disney channel. why? we will explain the pictures year seeing as well, discovery channel, excuse me. we are talking about the discovery channel, n. >>> got some news. always hearing about the gap, you know, the employment or income gap between men
Sep 10, 2010 6:00am EDT
for t.j.maxx, i'm always on the hunt. i check out the shows. i see what's happening on the street. and i work deals directly with the designers. so when i score... you score. gimme a fashionista... i'll make her a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you! >>> he said his plans to burn the koran on the anniversary of september 11th were off. >> well, this morning, they could be back on again. the florida pastor at the center of the controversy now says he was lied to and he is drawing that mosque built near ground zero into the mix. >>> a state of monetjano- melgoza is declared in one california community after an explosion destroys dozens of homes. stay with us. fox 5 morning news continues right now. there you go. this is how your friday morning is starting out. it is beautiful outside today. nice and cool out there. it is friday, september 10, 2010. good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us this morning. let's got a check on the forecast with tony perkins. >> i've got the good news for today. we have a great forecast today. to
Sep 6, 2010 9:00am EDT
and what they think washington needs to hear. our first stop is pittsburgh. cnn's t.j. holmes is joining us live. t.j. has a ticket on the election express. i have been on the bus, it is a sweet ride. t.j. is in pittsburgh, what's on the mind of voters out there in western pittsburgh, t.j.? >> reporter: you know, i think you said it best there, getting outside of washington, that being such a good thing because you get to hear a different mood, and you also get to hear what's exactly on people's minds instead of hearing politicians argue back and forth in washington all the time. we are here in western pennsylvania where they have some of the concerns as people around the rest of the country. we remember, of course, it is labor day. the unofficial end of summer. but the official begin of the campaign season. because this is labor day, a lot of people are grilling out and hanging with family. they are thankful they have the day off, but so many people wish they had work and have been off for the past days, weeks and months. out of a job right now, employment will be number one on people's mi
Sep 16, 2010 1:00pm EDT
>>> i'm t.j. holmes in for ali velshi. as we keep an eye on what's happening in baltimore right now, and what is happening, a gunman right now, even though he is cornered, according to police, is still not in custody. you are looking at a picture of johns hopkins hospital cht this is a huge, huge complex there. it is one of the largest employers in the state, a huge complex where a short time ago, a man, for unknown reasons right now, shot a doctor. a man was in the hospital and shot a doctor. that doctor's condition now has been upgraded. he appears to be in stable condition. non-life threatening injuries now. police officers said in fact, the doctor, you're going to be shot, you're in the right place because you're at johns hopkins university, the hospital rather, where you can get some treatment. the gunman right now, still on the loose. the reasons for the shooting right now, still not known. we're seeing pictures here. this is on wolfe in particular. the street there in baltimore where this took place. again, this is a huge, huge complex. we've been going back and forth for the
Sep 9, 2010 5:30am EDT
in new orleans. the ravens have to wait until monday when receiver t.j. houshmandzadeh. he will give joe flacco another option at wfer. t.j. will be remembered more for his time in cincinnati when he teamed with chad johnson and now with anquan boldin. the kickoff special tonight at 7:00, gerry sandusky, pete gilbert. jennifer franciotti, as we coun down to kickoff. man, the city is alive with purple. the kids are wearing their jerseys to school already. it's going to be a fan's season. >> a look ahead to our next hour of 11 news today. >> the number of traffic fatalities and injuries will be released. today. >> the battle turns into a major political campaign. details at :33. we've all heard of miniature horse farms, but what about miniature cattle farms? hopefully we'll have pictures. >> and a touch of autumn in the air this morning. we'll let you know what to expect as we head into the weekend. sarah? >> good news to report on the accident in howard county. everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee in
Sep 6, 2010 11:00pm EDT
to theereceiving %-and thissis a face that is familiar to ravens' fans. t.j. houshmandzadeh signs a3 one-year deal worth $850,000. he was released over the weekend by the seahawks. and most around here remember t.j. houshmandzadeh from his -ays in cincinnati. where he regularly torched the raaens. last year in seattle he had 79 reception phos911 yards, and 3 scores. the ravvns trading recciver clayton to the rams for undisclosed draft picc to make room on the roster. backkto you. >> canines in costuue. the evvnt in history that caused these dachshunds to get dressed up. [ male announcer ] the new subway flatbread breakfast sandwiches! like the new double bacon & cheese omelet sandwich! they're all new. toasty, tasty, and made to your order. so come and build your better breakfast today, at subway! >> the unofficial last dave summer. do not tell mother nature. she has heat and humidity for us tomorrrw. 90 downtown. same wednesday. cold front comes through. mid to upper 70s. really no chance of rain. any percentage of rain does not come until sunday. 40 percent chance. then temperatures will moderat
Sep 9, 2010 11:00pm EDT
, the acquisition of t.j. houshmandzadeh has ryan and the jets staff scrambling. adding another first rate receever to the crew is a serious mmtter for opponents defense. but it could create a situation for the ravens too. t.j. houshmandzadeh and bolden and mason, all caught at least %-and you play as yoo know, with onll one football. so how do you keep them all happy? mason think it is possible. >> teams have done it. they have been able to, three receivers ccn co-exist. so i don't hink there will be a problem. obvvouuly, you know, one game. you know, one guy may have more balls than the other. but that's a good problem to have. because, you know, defenses cannot fix on one guy east and every week. a good problem to have. >> the jets are favored by two points, in the ooenerrmmnday night. >> a dry fall like night in store. and wet weather for the weekend. let you know when it arrives. >> he threw this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an
Sep 14, 2010 4:00am EDT
after another. t.j. winick gaves us a glimpse of the show. plus, a look at life after oprah. >> reporter: it was the beginning of the end. on the premiere episode of her final season, oprah winfrey gave each 1 of her 300 audience members an over-the-top trip to australia. >> you're going to australia. >> reporter: there were celebrity guests, including john travolta. >> you have been voted our favorite guest of all-time. >> reporter: and many paying tribute to the queen of talk. >> there's only one of you. there will never be another one. >> reporter: her show paid homage to the first broadcast 25 years ago. actor don johnson turned down an opportunity to be on the first oprah winfrey show. >> the most important thing, you're the greatest. >> thank you. >> reporter: and, yes, she did tear up when paul simon played a song especially written for the occasion. ♪ 25 years have come and gone >> reporter: her show has been nothing short of an institution. she was named "forbes'" most powerful celebrity this year for the fourth time. she's a media mogul worth $2.4 million. her departure will
Sep 19, 2010 12:00pm EDT
for less. that's j.maxx. my assistant says, "isn't that all last season's fashions?" no way! t.j.maxx workseals directly with designers. that's how they can do it. this full-time fashionista... is really a maxxinista! t.j.maxx. check us o on facebook for a chance to win a 500 dollar spping spree! >>> in d.c., there's a new lunchtime trend that's aimed at lobster lovers. you don't need a lot of cash or even reservations. but as aaron gilchris found you do need internet access. >> 77. >> reporter: move over maryland crab, the stree of washington are being overrun with lobster love. >> yum. >> reporter: hundreds of people are lining up for a taste of maine on wheels. >> it's like an adventure you never know where they'll be. >> reporter: the lobster truck first rolled into the district this past mmer, stomachs haven't stopped growling since. >> the description of the succulent lobster and the shrimp lls' so enticing. >> it's kind of a novelty to be able to get lobster downtown for lunch. >> it's like lobster crack. >> you can't get enough of it. >> reporter: like so many others here
Sep 1, 2010 5:30pm EDT
to maryland. north carolina looks like his first stop. that's where t. j. is on hurricane earl's path a holiday weekend for many could go up in the wind. >> reporter: pristine beaches and the crash of breathtaking waves belies what millions up and down the atlantic coastline can expect for the next few days. hurricane earl a massive category 3 storm looms 700 miles south southeast of cape hatteras is on track to brush against the north carolina shoreline late tomorrow or early friday more than, it will then blow northward toward new england. >> it will be faithing end to a summer. >> reporter: for those hoping to close out the summer season basking in the sun earl is a game changer. evacuation orders have been issued for the most exposed outer banks. >> if you're on hatteras please leave. there is a mandatory evacuation for tourists. there is a voluntary evacuation for residents, please leave. >> reporter: it has been nearly two decades since a hurricane this powerful has threatened such a large swath of the atlantic seaboard. for this very reason beachgoers are heeding the warni
Sep 29, 2010 5:30pm EDT
moment when we didn't make that purchase or take that >ybrvacation because the economy. but as t. j. winick reports you may be surprised the extent the recession has had on our collective mood. >> reporter: the recession may technically be over, w÷but it has made quite an impression according to 2009 census data released tuesday. for instance fewer people are moving an fewer couples are saying i do. >> right now have maybe lost a little bit of their faith and so they are being more cautious, they are being risk a verse and not taking those leaps. >> reporter: marriages c8 a record low in 2009 with 52% of adults 18 and over saying they were joined in wedlock that's compared to 57% in 2000. not a surprise to those we spoke with. >> a lot iy holding off on getting married, and they are moving in together with their fiance' or their boyfriend just to save money. >> i think people are still really nervous and really cautious. >< impacting other areas of behavior as well. the share of homes that have more than one car has dropped and the demand for higher education has edged up. ty
Sep 9, 2010 12:30am EDT
. receiver t.j. houshmandzadeh practiced for the first time. ú%w the ravens are not exactly going to ease him in to things. they say t.j. houshmandzadeh will see action monday night in the opener against ryan and the jets. so now he has to get wiih the playbook and cram. as a pro, it is not easy. >> t will be a challenge. you know, couple of times out there today, i was asking guys to make sure i knew what i wass3 dding. -ut i donnt want to rely on guys. you know, i kinds of want to know it mysslf. people that know mm kkow that's how i am. so i aa going to try to get in it as much as i can. lasttnight i was n it all night. you know, didn't ggt enough sleep. but, you know, i have to make3 sure i know hat i am doing. >> meanwhile, it is not looking as if the ravens will haveewee back for the season opener. john harbaugh said he woull not rule it out. but quote he is not anticipating -t either. web has been rehabbing a torn but it is still looking ffy for monday. >> whatever coach has for me. if he wants me to get out and test it out. i wwll. if he don't, then i won't. so it is all depends o
Sep 8, 2010 7:00am EDT
, i'm all about helping them get the looks for less. that's t.j.maxx. my assistant says, "isn't that all last season's fashions?" no way! t.j.maxx works deals directly with designers. that's how they can do it. this full-time fashionista... is really a maxxinista! t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you! >>> this saturday will mark nine years since the attacks of 9/11 and there are talk -- there is talk rather of progress being made at the world trade center site where officials vow to open the memorial by next year. but replacing the buildings are going to take a lot longer than that. linda schmidt has more. >> let me just say, this shake means an awful lot, larry. we got a lot done. >> we did. >> reporter: this is not a familiar site. port authority director chris ward and 9/11 developer larry silverstein smiling at one another. now they are on the same page during the anniversary of 9/11. nine years after the terrorist attacks, the pronsterrous project at ground zero is still not complete and probably won't be for several more years. >> we now have a plan, we have a b
Sep 22, 2010 6:00pm EDT
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Sep 30, 2010 6:00pm EDT
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Sep 11, 2010 1:35am EDT
on a designer bag as much as the next girl! love! i love love love! as a buyer for t.j.maxx, i'm always on the hunt. i check out the shows. i see what's happening on the street. and i work deals directly with the designers. so when i score... you score. gimme a fashionista... i'll make her a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you! >>> as a new mayor, i drove a thousand miles an hour to get results. if i somehow in the first couple of years moved so fast that. i did so with the memory of a person growing up in a city with a government that was an embarrassment and wanting to do everything possible not to go back to those days. >> reporter: congressman gray was treated as a front runner. as, is michelle by a front runner for sure? >> i can't conclude that anybody would say that the future of this city, the future of our education system swings on one person. i want to sit down with her very soon after the primary so we can get a sense of where she is and where i am and what the chemistry will be between her and me. >> kathy la mere? >> he knows the polls look good. >> a
Sep 4, 2010 11:00am EDT
>>> good morning, everybody. top of the hour here. i'm t.j. holmes. a look at some of the stories we're keeping a close eye on. earl, not a hurricane anymore, but still causing a few fits. causing power outages, dangerous surf, as well, on the east coast. tropical storm bearing down on nova scotia. we'll have a live report in a moment. also in new zealand, they are taking stock after a powerful earthquake seeing damage to roads and buildings and also a couple of injuries. >>> and an amazing story. a baby was born premature. the doctor said the baby wasn't going to make it, essentially clai declared the baby dead, but a mother's touch brings the baby around. we'll hear from the parents and also the stunned doctor coming up. >>> maybe a sigh of relief after earl has kind of high tailed it out of here. the new england coast breathes a big sigh of relief as the storm blew by leaving much of the area unscathed. people trying to salvage hair weekend plans now. it rushed the floor never making landfall, still caused a few problem, also rip currents we need to be keeping an eye out for al
Sep 5, 2010 8:00am EDT
to be carried out by al qaeda and other groups, t. j. >> it was just days ago we saw the formal hand over from the americans to the iraqis. how have the iraqis been performing? what has been the mood been like, not just what has been happening on the ground as far as the attacks, but what has the mood been like since the formal handover? >> reporter: one of the colleagues were saying the official hand over was said to take place, he said he was not going to leave his house to wait and see how the situation plays out on the streets. iraqis in baghdad are very tense and anxious, and they are aware the insurgency maintains the ability to strike and to a certain degree they feel this is the calm before the storm. from the iraqi perfespectivepery keep talking about how they are constantly fearful when they are going up a check point and waiting to go through, they are aware and looking around to see if something suspicious is going on. while some of them say they did welcome the u.s. troop withdrawal, they are very anxious with the ability of their own forces to perform and their future, t. j. >> w
Sep 7, 2010 5:00pm EDT
get to introduce us. >> his name is t.j. hushmanzatta. the ravens' aquisition is being touted league wide as a -- leaguewide as a big pickup. seahawks are going to have to pay him $7 million while he's playing for the ravens. he enjoyed the rivalry. even happier now that he's on the ravens' side of it. >> i feel like i'm coming to play with guys that are similar to me, you know. emotionally. the way they play the game. and how they love the game. you know. and that's what i need to be. >> and how does the new guy expect to fit in with the ravens' other standout receiver? we will hear more from t.j. hushman zatta, an outspoken personality. >> i got it, mark. hushman zatta. >> you got it. >>> less than a week live here on wjz 13. you can watch the ravens here. our special coverage kicks off at 6:30, here live, on wjz 13. >> we welcome mr. hushman zadda to baltimore. very gladly. >>> controversial pastor. he plans to burn the koran on the anniversary of september 11th. tonight, military speakers speak out about the move that could endanger u.s. troops. >>> get healthy, baltimore. ravens
Sep 3, 2010 3:05am EDT
. >> earl is now located off the coast of cape hatteras, north carolina. t.j. winick is joining us from atlantic beach this morning. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: rob and mike, good morning to you both. even with a category 2 hurricane you're still talking about winds up to 110 miles per hour and we're certainly getting some of the outer bands of that right now. the real concern right here in north carolina at this point is storm surge. what with these waves behind me and the flooding that can cause. despite mandatory evacuations in three coastal counties down here, officials can't force people out of their homes. so many have chosen to ride this one out. a state of emergency has been declared at this point in four states -- north carolina, virginia, maryland, and massachusetts. and certainly that should help getting those necessary resources to where they need to go as soon as the storm blows out to sea. now right now the storm is on a path to cape cod, massachusetts, with its 500,000 summer residents. even though a hurricane hitting the northeast is a once in a generation event, eme
Sep 1, 2010 9:00am EDT
again tomorrow. >> last time i was here i thought t.j. holmes comes with the package. he was here last time. i come up to new york and he's not there. you let me down, brother. >> ships passing in the night. >> they are trying to figure us out. they should keep news two separate places, i do believe. good to see you guys this morning. you will have a good one. we are going to pick up on what they were talking about there. this hurricane, massive hurricane. hurricane earl. it is making its way. there it is. it is big, powerful and going to be a menace. we don't know how big of a menace just yet. the east coast, literally from the carolinas to maine. you just heard from kiran, some evacuations are getting under way. more could be coming. we are your hurricane headquarters. we will be live for you along the coast. have the very latest for you with our jacqui jeras who is here as well. it is never too early to start saving for college. it is getting more and more esses expense ive. look at these little guys. they are putting money into the bank for their college tuition they are going to u
Sep 6, 2010 6:00am EDT
, with the election express and t.j. holmes who is driving that bus in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. ing right, t.j.? >> reporter: honored to be kicking this thing off for us this week. i'm not getting behind the wheel of that bus. good morning from the backdrop of beautiful downtown pittsburgh over the allegheny river this morning. we're here because as you mentioned at the top it is the unofficial end of summer with labor day but it is the official kickoff to the campaign season and they are kicking off in a major way today. politicians will be at every barbecue fest, every picnic, parade and there will be one here in pittsburgh as well. a lot of shaking of hands and kissing of babies. we're here in western pennsylvania because you talked about 435 seats being up for grabs in the house. well, yes, republicans could take back the house. how would they do it? they will do it by taking back seats like the one here in western pennsylvania. the third district, a freshman democrat and in a republican district going up against mike kelley. listen to both of them here in these short sound bites and tell
Sep 26, 2010 5:30pm PDT
, the government launched a massive new program to get americans to clean out their medicine cabinets. here's t.j. winnick. >> reporter: america's fastest growing drug problem doesn't involve cartels or drug wars. it's as close as your medicine cabinet. >> kids are having parties now days where that's the topic of the party is prescription drugs. >> reporter: outside of seattle, nine teens wound up in the hospital this past week after antidepressants and painkillers were passed around as a school bus stop. in philadelphia last summer, an 18-year-old accidentally overdosed on painkillers. >> someone gave him additional pain medication from their own medicine cabinet that tragically ended my son's life. >> reporter: this weekend, for the first time, the dea made a push to empty out medicine cabinets, setting up 4,000 dropoff points across the country. >> take the labels off, make sure there's nothing on there. >> reporter: no questions asked. tell me what you brought down to the station here today. >> i think codeine, two things of codeine. >> reporter: this woman told us she had these bottles for
Sep 16, 2010 6:00am PDT
readers. at the magazine, i'm all about helping them get the looks for less. that's t.j.maxx. my assistant says, "isn't that all last season's fashions?" no way! t.j.maxx works deals directly with designers. that's how they can do it. this full-time fashionista... is really a maxxinista! t.j.maxx. check us out on facebook for a chance to win a 500 dollar shopping spree! >>> let's go to tory to see what's coming up. >> reporter: coming up in minutes we're following an officer involved shooting. we'll explain why police felt it was necessary to shoot at a man in a residential neighborhood. in less than an hour uc employees will be addressing the sensitive issues of pension payments and there has even been a threat of arresting the uc president. and a big change for american idol. why you'll no longer have to wait in long lines in order to audition. back to you. >>> time now 6:54. the first living medal of honor recipient is about to get his award at the white house on saturday. salvator says it's a bitter sweet honor. >> it's emotional and great. all of this is great but it does bring back a
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